January 5, 2017 Aranxza Lopez 0Comment

Busted! A city air pollution inspector solicited a bribe from a Brooklyn construction site and got caught. This came after the inspector threatened the site with imposing a stop work order, said the officials on Wednesday.

While inspecting 222 Pulaski Street, Sean Richardson-Daniel (53), told what he believed was a property representative that he would issue a stop working order unless he received $15,000 in cash. This seemed very unlikely to the property managers since there had not been any complaints against the property from the Department of Environmental Protection, according to the Department of Investigation.

Acting Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez commented: “By allegedly soliciting a cash bribe from an owner at a construction site this defendant facilitated shortcuts that could endanger lives and undermine the public’s trust in city government,”

“Honest inspections keep workers and citizens safe, especially now during Brooklyn’s booming real estate market.”

Mr. Richardson was charged with bribery and weapons possession, which he said to have found on the side-walk six weeks prior to accepting the bribe. He is expected to arraigned by Thursday morning in Brooklyn Criminal Court. The inspector’s salary was $50,00 before resigning to his position on January 3rd.

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