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After 17 years in New York City, the photography and electronic popular hub B&H Photo will be shutting down its Brooklyn and Navy Yard warehouses, and will merge into one massive warehouse in New Jersey.

The move was announced last Thursday and is expected to take place in the second half of 2017.

The announcement blindsided union representatives, who were in the process of negotiating the contract of their warehouse employees. B&H’s relocation will mean the loss of 335 jobs in NYC between the two locations.

The company executives tried to find another location inside NYC for several years, but the real estate market in the city made it hard for them to do so. “Large warehouses are not available on the market in NYC due to the booming real estate industry here,” wrote Menashe Horowitz, a top executive at B&H in a memo sent to its employees on January 12th, which was obtained to DNAinfo New York.

The memo also stated, “We worked closely with New York State government leaders to find a new home here in New York, but unfortunately we were unable to find a facility here that came even close to meeting our needs.”

What will happen to the facilities in New York after the move? According to David Ehrenberg, the head of the Brooklyn Navy Yard’s Development Corporation, the Navy Yard facility will become a movie studio.

The company’s new warehouse is a 500,000-square-foot facility in Florence Township, NJ. The main retail outlet, located in Midtown, will remain open with its 1,500 employees and corporate offices. Workers at the Nave Yard and Bushwick warehouses can join the company in New Jersey if they chose to do so.

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