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Protests are more or less a daily occurrence in President Donald Trump’s America, which means — among other things — that brooklyn activists  are going to want/need signs. And buttons. And apparel. And posters.

Enter Print Organize Protest, “a network of independent artists and printers working together for radical social change,” according to its website. POP coordinated events on Sunday in Charlotte, North Carolina; Chicago; Berkeley, California; Santa Cruz, California; San Francisco; and New York. The organization encouraged attendees to bring in printable items to make their own resistance materials, for free, in advance of the rallies planned for International Women’s Day on Wednesday.

Brooklyn was home to two print-fests on Sunday, one at Shoestring Press in Crown Heights and another at Interference Archive, an open-stacks archive and exhibition space documenting the history of social movements. Located in the Gowanus neighborhood of Brooklyn, Interference Archive has been operational since 2011 and houses a horde of materials — including posters, buttons, leaflets, newspapers and audio recordings — visitors can peruse at their leisure.

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