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We knowNYC is hard to beat when it comes to job opportunities for recent college graduates. But we also know that it’s not cheap to live here no matter how good your right-out-of-college job is, and like it or not, you may find yourself shacking up with roommates to save cash.

But if you truly have your heart set on living solo right out of the gate, listings siteStreetEasy has put togetheran interactive map that allows you to pinpoint which neighborhoods have the largest inventory of affordable apartments, sorted by salary (up to $100,000):

The site also narrowed down the five most affordable neighborhoods—where you’ll spend no more than 30 percent of your income on rent—if you want to live sans roommates. (But remember that by splitting an apartment with your roommate will save you a lot of money.) Based on the median entry level salary of  $47,630 a year, your best bets are:

  •    Bedford-Stuyvesant (Brooklyn)
  •    Bushwick (Brooklyn)
  •    Astoria (Queens)
  •    Crown Heights (Brooklyn)
  •     Washington Heights (Manhattan)

Perhaps unsurprisingly, StreetEasy found that only .4 percent of studio or one-bedroom listings on the site in 2016 were affordable to recent grads who want to live alone. But if they take on roommates, nearly 30 percent of two-bedroom rental listings become affordable (even without mom and dad’s help).

For more guidance, check out our annually updated “10 best NYC neighborhoods for recent college grads.” And for advice on pulling this whole new-to-New-York-City thing off, check out the storie from Brick Underground’s. We even have an upcoming podcast devoted to the subject… stay tuned.

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