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If you’re like me and the grief you are feeling in response to our current political situation is keeping you from sleeping at night, it looks like you’ve got a place to go this month. On Saturday January 28, one week after inauguration, the French Embassy and Brooklyn Public Library are hosting a twelve-hour Night of Philosophy and Ideas, a marathon political recuperation session featuring talks, performances, readings, yoga and food.

Starting at 7pm, you can catch talks on politics, philosophy and big issues of the time, like “Ivanka at Colonus” by William Baker (10pm), “Resistance to Unjust Immigration” by Javier Hidalgo (12:30am) and “On Tragedy” by Simon Critchley at 5am. A Night of Philosophy and Ideas is on Saturday January 28 7pm–7am. You can learn more about the free event here.

Breathe deep NY.

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