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Bayonne, once the New Jersey coast’s best-kept secret, is poised for a wave of urbanization. This rapidly gentrifying area is drawing New York and New Jersey young creatives reminiscent to that of Brooklyn’s Bushwick in the early 2000s.

With rental rates well below Bushwick, Bayonne is fast-becoming the ideal neighborhood for spacious industrial-style living complete with coveted Manhattan views. Is this up and coming neighborhood going to become the new hipster go to once the L train goes down?

Manhattan from Bayonne

In 2014, Mayor Jimmy Davis introduced a forward-thinking economic perspective to the area and the change. With a focus on progressive town planning and financial incentives, the city’s economic lulls are lifting. According to council records, over 3,400 units have been approved since 2010 and this huge influx of real estate development is comparable to that of Bushwick.

Recent upgrades to Bayonne’s public transport system and plans drafted for a new ferry route direct to Manhattan’s 39th Street are dramatically changing the appeal of Bayonne’s transit corridor between 17th and 25th Streets, further adding to the city’s hype.

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